Directions and Contact Information

Kōkeʻe Resource Conservation Program

PO Box 1108
Waimea, Hawaiʻi 96796
Tel 808-335-0045

7:00am - 5:00pm



Directions from Lihuʻe Airport to Kōkeʻe State Park

Leave the airport heading west on Hwy 50 to the town of Waimea. It’s 23 miles away and takes approximately 1 hour. Pass through the town and look for a road to the right called “Waimea Canyon Drive” (Highway 550). The sign will also say “Highway 552 to Kōkeʻe/Waimea State Park” but take Highway 550. Both highways will eventually meet at a junction about 6 miles up Waimea Canyon Drive.

You will see the “West Kauaʻi Technological and Visitors Center” on your right along with an open dirt parking lot with a craft fair sign on your left. Waimea Canyon Drive is before the Tech center. Make a right. If you see the “Waimea Plantation Cottages” on your left, you have gone too far, turn around.

Head up Waimea Canyon Drive to mile marker 15, takes about 30 minutes. Pass the 15 mile marker the road will fork. Take the left fork, turn left on the next road. You will see the Kōkeʻe Lodge on your right. The road is short and narrow with small pot holes. Go up the road. You will pass a base yard on your left. The CCC Camp. Parking stalls are on your right, 3 stalls then a building (Hui O Laka headquarters) then 5 more stalls. Park in one of them for now. We might have to move you later.

We are the 2nd building on the set of long green buildings. There is a wooden plaque above our door that says "KRCP".