Intern and Volunteer Testimonials

Article by KRCP 2013 summer intern, Joshua Serrano







Greg Schuster, Summer Intern 2011
“Summer 2011 was the most interesting summer I have ever had. I was able to work in the beautiful environment that is Kauai's high elevation rain forest. The work included helping to maintain the natural ecosystem, while trying to prevent the encroachment of invasive plant species. Traveling to these remote work sites varied from helicoptering into Waialae canyon to Kayaking into Kalalau valley. Over the course of the summer I also learned the scientific and Hawaiian names for numerous plant species. Many of these plants are endemic to Hawaii and hold a significant importance in the Hawaiian culture. I was also able to go on numerous breathtaking hikes while living at the CCC camp in Kokee. In addition I was able to view more stars in one summer than I viewed my entire life. I met many great people during the internship and learned from first hand experience about the importance of protecting Hawaii's natural ecosystem.”




Jon Fouskaris, Summer Intern 2011
“Thank you so much for having me intern with you this past summer at Koke’e State Park. It was an amazing, unforgettable time. Through the program I learned so much about field conservation and botany, and experienced things I never thought I would get the chance to do. It was exciting to work within such unique ecosystems, and morally rewarding to know my actions had a direct, positive impact on the health of native forests. I also miss the clean mountain air, the Milky Way, and all the fresh, non-supermarket-variety fruits!  In addition to all the enjoyable (though physically demanding) field work, the other main reason this summer was so memorable for me was because of the people. You and the rest of the staff were so friendly and accommodating that I almost felt like I was staying with my own family, and I really can’t thank you enough for your hospitality. I was also relieved to be working with so many good-willed interns and volunteers, but I suppose those are just the type of people this program attracts. All in all, thank you for everything and keep up the good work. The program is laudable, and the memories made were beyond compare.”




Isaac White, Summer Intern 2011
“The internship at KRCP was the best experience in my life.  Working in the heart of native forests everyday while being surrounded by one of the most unique eco systems of the planet is nothing short of inspiring.  You get to see and explore landscapes that have been seen by few before.  It really catered to the adventurous side of me which made working everyday an exciting event. There were a lot of lessons that I have learned this summer that were either taught to me out in the field or through the interactions with the staff. There was a lot of hard work to commit to and a lot of pains to endure but in the end you get this great sense of achievement and fulfillment. This is something that I have never felt during any of my previous jobs before. This internship was a turning point in my life and I am honored that I was given the opportunity to help take care of one of the few natural gems of the world.  I will do this again in a heartbeat.”



Marci Brimhall, Summer Intern 2011
“Thank you thank you THANK YOU for all you have taught me.  Everything you shared with me will be in my heart forever.  This summer has been the greatest learning experience of my life!!!  I loved working with you all and look forward to spending time with you all the beautiful forest again soon.  Not gonna lie, I’m gonna miss you all. Especially the forest. Much love, Marci”




Malia Heimuli, Summer Intern 2009
“Working for KRCP this past summer was an amazing experience, one that I will never forget and one that has helped me to find in what I want to do in the future. Working on erradicating invasive species in Koke'e's native forests taught me the importance of protecting our native watersheds. The work that we did was challenging, but in the end knowing that what we did was a small part in helping to protect the forest was very gratifying. Getting to know the people and the places that we worked in was just as rewarding. I hope that future interns will have just as much challenging and fun learning experiences as I did  Aloha,Malia Heimuli”


Mark Wasser, Summer Intern 2007
"I am very grateful for how welcome I (and everyone else) was made to feel upon my arrival. From my arrival and the duration of my stay, I've felt like there has always been an extraordinary effort to make myself and the other volunteers feel welcome. I always felt like I was treated as part of the ohana. Thank you.....The program was very interesting and I learned a ton. I think the five plants a day at the beginning is great, and perhaps something that could be pushed more throughout the duration of the program. Everyone provided a wealth of information about the local flora and fauna and were very accommodating of my continued questions."