The Kōkeʻe Resource Conservation Program (KRCP) engages the public to protect Kauai's biodiversity by invasive plant removal.  Service learning projects connect all ages to nature by working in Kauai's magnificent but fragile native forest.  Hawaii has 33% of all endangered species in the U.S. yet receives only 5% of federal funding allotted for endangered species protection.  KRCP leverages funding with volunteers from around the world.  Since 1998, KRCP has removed 13.1 million weeds from over 12,300 acres with the help of over 32,700 volunteers.


T: 808-335-0045

E: KokeeResource@gmail.com

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Summer 2020

Applications for our 2020 Summer Internship program will be available in February 2020. Internship is  from

June 1, 2020 to July 31, 2020. Interns are required to work the full 9 consecutive weeks. Intern must be 18 years old when the program starts. Housing not provided. Intern will receive a bi-weekly stipend of $500. 

Development opportunities for the intern include:  Opportunity to learn and gain experience in the taxonomy, function and management of Hawaiian flora and terrestrial ecosystems, as well as the threats to these native forests and what can be done about them.  Receive safety training and training in resource management methods. Spend time in one of Hawai`i’s finest State Parks. 


Internship Job Description

Purpose:  To perform vegetation management activities in Kōkeʻe, Waimea Canyon, and Nā Pali State Parks, involving primarily alien invasive plant (weed) removal but also sometimes including other management actions such as trail clearing, fencing of rare plants, and out-planting of natives and their subsequent care.


Key Responsibilities: 

  • Identify native plants in work areas, so as not to damage them

  • Identify target weeds and remove them manually by pulling or treat with herbicide 

  • Hike in rough terrain, through dense vegetation, in possibly slippery, steep areas

  • Follow all instructions and safety precautions of KRCP staff; be mindful of the safety of others and yourself; must wear long pants, long sleeved shirts, hiking boots with socks, gloves.

  • Assist KRCP staff in the supervision of volunteer service projects

  • Assist with orienting and training volunteers

  • Attend outreach activities such as helping to man an educational booth at public events

  • Remote camping work trips in native forest. Length of stay is typically 4-days but could be scheduled for up to 12 days.  


Suggested Qualifications (but not required):  

  • Interest or training in botany and ecology

  • Familiarwith GIS, mapping, gps, data entry, and ArcView

  • Commitment to preservation of native Hawaiian ecosystems 

  • Ability to perform strenuous hiking and carry 35 lb backpack

  • Comfortable and responsible in wilderness conditions, understand healthy camping

  • Willingness to perform hard physical work and use herbicides

  • No allergies, back problems, or other medical conditions

  • Team player, safe worker 

  • Ability to accept instructions and put them into practice


Supervised by:  Staff of KRCP during field hours.

Work days: Monday-Thursday 7a-5p. Weekend workdays will be scheduled as needed. 


Support:  Equipment Provided:

  • Safety gear such as gloves, safety glasses, compass and map

  • Machetes, clippers, machete belt & pouches as needed, Tally meter for counting weeds

  • Equipment for special projects such as weedwhackers and their relevant safety equipment (ear protection, face shields/helmets, chainsaw chaps) for trail clearing.