We are currently a host site for 2 temporary positions. 


1) Open to KAUAI RESIDENTS ONLY-Malama Kauai is accepting applications to the Aloha Aina Program which assists in getting dislocated workers back to work with career changing opportunities in the food systems and conservation fields. KRCP is a host site for this program and will have a position open for a Conservation Field Technician. This is a temporary position with employment from August 31, 2020 through December 10, 2020. To apply, please visit Malama Kauaiʻs website for details.


2) The ʻĀina and Innovation Workforce Hawaiʻi (AIWH) program sponsored through Kupu is a new initiative that provides temporary employment for those who are interested in exploring environmental and sustainability related work.  Positions with Kupu are available at conservation and agriculture based host sites throughout the islands of Hawaiʻi.  KRCP is one of those host sites. Kupu’s network of partner organizations and agencies are able to offer unique and exciting positions in various fields, including ornithology, botany, natural and aquatic resource management, marine biology, Hawaiian cultural studies, agricultural science and more! To apply please visit Kupuʻs website for details.


Job title for these temporary positions: Conservation Field Technician


•    Assist with natural resource management field operations which include: controlling and eliminating invasive alien plants using a                variety of methods.

•    Participate in special-use helicopter operations that include sling loading, low-elevation surveys, and remote/hover landings.

•    Maintain ungulate fences.

•    Maintain vehicles and field equipment

•    Mix and apply herbicide according to label instructions

•    Assist with GPS mapping, data collection, and data entry

•    Work with partners, volunteers, and interns in field operations

•    Ensure compliance with all Hawaii State Parks and Forestry rules and safety procedures.

•    Assist with interpretive hikes, outreach events, and fundraising efforts to help build good community relations

•    Other duties as assigned.


•    High school diploma required, college degree prefered.

•    Must be comfortable managing, orienting, supervising and coordinating volunteers of varying ages and skill set.

•    Ability to recognize Hawaiian native and non-native plant species and familiarity with navigating through Kaua‘i landscapes                            specifically in Kōkeʻe, Waimea Canyon, Nā Pali Coastal State Parks, and surrounding areas of Forest Reserves and Alakaʻi Wilderness            Preserve.

•    Experience working with or knowledge of Hawai‘i natural systems and the conservation challenges on Kaua‘i.

•    Experience with herbicide weed control techniques

•    Experience with map reading and orienteering. Must have the ability to navigate rugged terrain using maps, compass and GPS.

•    Ability to perfrom physical work in rugged terrain while under adverse conditions or in inclement weather.

•    Must be available for remote camping worktrips that will be on average 3-5 days.

•    Experience with driving off-road vehicles

•    Valid Hawaii Driver’s License


•    Experience operating various types of equipment and tools safely (chainsaw, machete, etc)

•    Experience with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and field mapping techniques.

•    Ability to follow instructions from colleagues, and work in a collaborative team-based environment

•    Certifications such as first aid, CPR, herbicide application, helicopter safety.

•    PC familiarity, including database knowledge, in order to maintain program records.

•    Ability and willingness to take on additional tasks and responsibilities within job parameters, commensurate to work experience.

•    Ability to convey work instructions to other management team members, including volunteers.

•    Ability to function productively as a member or leader of a work team.

The Kōkeʻe Resource Conservation Program is a project of the non-profit  

Garden Island Resource Conservation & Development, Inc., an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Kokeʻe Resource Conservation Program 

PO Box 1108 

Waimea, HI 96796 

Phone: 808-335-0045

Email: kokeeresource@gmail.com 


The Kōkeʻe Resource Conservation Program (KRCP) engages the public to protect Kauai's biodiversity by invasive plant removal.  Service learning projects connect all ages to nature by working in Kauai's magnificent but fragile native forest.  Hawaii has 33% of all endangered species in the U.S. yet receives only 5% of federal funding allotted for endangered species protection.  KRCP leverages funding with volunteers from around the world.  Since 1998, KRCP has removed 13.1 million weeds from over 12,300 acres with the help of over 32,700 volunteers.

KRCP is a project of the non-profit Garden Island Resource Conservation & Development, Inc.


Mailing address: 


PO Box 1108

Waimea, HI 96796

T: 808-335-0045

E: KokeeResource@gmail.com

Please make check donations to: 

Garden Island RCD

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