Due to COVID-19, our volunteer program has been suspended for the time being. We hope to open our volunteer program up again soon. Please check back or email us to receive updates.

The Kōkeʻe Resource Conservation Program does primarily alien species control work in the forests of Kaua‘i. The program provides a framework for volunteers to be involved in preserving the spectacular natural resources of the area. Periodically KRCP also does collecting and propagation of native plants, outplanting of native plants, trail maintenance, fence maintenance and maintenance of tea plants located in Kōkeʻe.


Rustic housing in Kōkeʻe is available for accepted applicants at the Civilian Conservation Corps Camp (CCC Camp)located in Kōkeʻe State Park. The CCC Camp is maintained and run by the non-profit   Hui o Laka/Kōkeʻe Museum. This program is for those who are interested in forest ecology and forest conservation.  The CCC Camp has a communal kitchen equipped with cookware, stove/oven, eating utensils with plates/bowls and refrigerator. It is a beautiful place to stay for a quiet forest experience.


Volunteers must have their own health insurance to stay at the CCC Camp here. We do not cover any
accidents or illnesses. We can provide transportation from the airport and we can help you to get supplies when needed but it is recommended that you rent a vehicle. This allows you to go down the mountain in the evenings or on your days off. Pick-up and drop off transportation for the airport is available between 8am-2pm daily. We cannot guarantee airport transportation if your flight arrives or departs outside of those times. There is public transportation (The Kauai Bus) with one of their bus stops being the Lihue airport ( The Bus does have restrictions on what can be brought on the bus. Please check their website for rules and details.  KRCP does not provide vehicles for recreational use. There is also no alcohol or drugs allowed at the camp. By Hawaii State Law alcohol and drugs are prohibited within the State Parks and Forest Reserves.


Our workdays are often filled with camaraderie amongst ourselves, resident volunteers, and local volunteers.  We try to mix up the week so that we work in a variety of areas within the park or forest reserves and learn more about the different ecological areas of the park.


We tell all the potential volunteers/interns that it can sometimes get very lonely here and you must have some emotional self-sufficiency to enjoy it. Staff does not live at the camp and sometimes there are no other volunteers staying at the camp.


We work 4 -10 hours days each week (Mon-Thurs) and have 3 days off  (Fri-Sat),  however we may work some weekends when necessary. KRCP will provide housing while you are volunteering/interning. 

To volunteer, please email us a 

Click here to see videos of KRCP at work in the forest. 


The Kōkeʻe Resource Conservation Program (KRCP) engages the public to protect Kauai's biodiversity by invasive plant removal.  Service learning projects connect all ages to nature by working in Kauai's magnificent but fragile native forest.  Hawaii has 33% of all endangered species in the U.S. yet receives only 5% of federal funding allotted for endangered species protection.  KRCP leverages funding with volunteers from around the world.  Since 1998, KRCP has removed 13.1 million weeds from over 12,300 acres with the help of over 32,700 volunteers.


Due to COVID-19, KRCPʻs volunteer program is temporarily closed. We hope to reopen the program in 2021. 

KRCP is a project of the non-profit Garden Island Resource Conservation & Development, Inc.


Mailing address: 


PO Box 1108

Waimea, HI 96796

T: 808-335-0045


Please make check donations to: 

Garden Island RCD

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